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BEMER is the world’s most effective Physical Vascular Therapy currently available!

Your body knows how to heal itself but it first needs good micro-circulation as a foundation for healthy cellular metabolism, only then can your body regenerate, self-regulate and self-heal.

BEMER therapy is not a drug or medicine.  BEMER positively influences the way your blood flows through the tiniest blood vessels (capillaries) in your body. This in turn helps to improve your body’s innate ability to heal itself. This is a scientific fact.

Every single living cell in your body needs a consistent supply of oxygen and nutrients and an efficient waste removal system – this takes place in the micro-circulation comprising all the capillaries in your body. (74% of the blood vessels in our bodies are in the micro-circulation and so it is imperative that it functions correctly to avoid the onset of cellular dysfunction.)

Without adequate oxygen and nutrients and the efficient removal of waste products, your cells cannot metabolize correctly, less ATP is manufactured in the cells and the intra-cellular space becomes acidic. This is the underlying cause of most degenerative health conditions.

BEMER effectively optimizes micro-circulation in under eight minutes, with no known side effects – it is perfectly safe.

Watch this video to see how much micro-circulation is improved with just ONE 8 minute BEMER session:

Watch this video to see how the BEMER can unblock blood vessels:

Watch this video for a short 5 min explanation of BEMER

BEMER Therapy Pricing:

  • 1 Session: $12
  • 6 Sessions: $60 (Expires in 30 days)
  • 12 Sessions: $80 (Expires in 30 days)
  • Unlimited in 30 Days: $120 (Max 2 Session per Day with added benefit of Cryo Sessions: $20)