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REAL Testimonials from REAL Cryo Crib Clients.

Disclaimer: These testimonials reflect real life experiences of those who have used our services and do not reflect the opinions or claims made by Cryo Crib as a company. These are individual results and are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our services. Your results may vary.

Being a busy working professional, mom, wife and elite masters athlete, recovery time is very important for my day to day life style.   After starting to use Cryotherapy after my long training sessions, it did not only help with my onset soreness of muscles, but I felt relax and rejuvenated.   I found the most benefit doing Cryotherapy a day before my hard work outs because it help with injury prevention.  Doing sessions at the Cryo Crib has given me the ability to train hard day after day with minimal soreness and without having to take more downtime to recover.    Being an older athlete – recovery and injury prevention is key for my success.

Tonia Osborne
Mission Viejo, CA

I have suffered with back and knee pain for several years now.  Although Cryotherapy was suggested to me, I was reluctant to give it a try.  To my surprise, I started to feel better after my first session, which I did not expect at all. It was actually effective in relieving my discomfort!  In addition, the staff at the Cryo Crib made the experience extremely enjoyable.  On the days I did Cryotherapy, I felt a lot more energetic and noticed I slept a lot better too.

Thank you Craig and Vanessa!

Maria Villapudua
Costa Mesa, CA

I looked into Cryotherapy after seeing athletes & celebrities using it for recovery & anti-aging. I live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve defiantly noticed quicker recovery post workout. I’ve also had a significant decrease in aches & pain, better sleep & feeling more energized. Most of all love seeing the results in the mirror, with tighter skin & on the scale in down 7lbs. Cryo Crib is quick, clean & professional. Sounds crazy, but it works. Would highly recommend Cryo Crib for your cryotherapy!

Cash MYricks,
Newport Beach, CA

In the 5+ years that I’ve struggled with rotator cuff tendinitis in both shoulders, I’ve tried almost everything from mainstream medicine, alternative therapies, and internet lore. Some have provided temporary improvement, but nothing has worked as well as chilling at the Cryo Crib. I’d forgotten what it’s like to sleep through the night pain-free until the past few weeks. I’m still not 100% but feeling the best I have in 5 years from these easy 3-minute sessions is amazing.

I thought the sessions might be torture, but it’s really not a big deal. It’s cold, but the time passes quickly. And the staff at Cryo Crib are great (hope that doesn’t go to their heads!) They make sure I’m doing okay the whole way through. And chatting with them makes the time fly.

The results I’ve gotten so far have convinced me that sticking with regular treatments is the way to go until I’m pain-free, then I’ll cut back to maintenance mode. Everybody is different, so you’ll have to see how it works for you, but it’s definitely worth trying if you have pain. And here’s a pro tip – for your first couple sessions, go after a meal, especially something spicy. You’ll still get the benefits, but won’t feel the cold.
Myron Weber
Irvine, CA
I am a 50+ year old woman who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both my knees 5 years ago. Three years ago, I was told I need complete knee replacement in both my knees. I have suffered with painful swelling and stiffness that makes everyday walking extremely painful. I live in a two-story home and have had to take each stair one at a time, slowly, to go down them. When I sit for more than  10 minutes my knees become stiff and it takes me several minutes to become sturdy enough to walk. My hips and ankles were also giving me pain, and I had full leg pain in the evenings before bed. A quick trip to Target or the Grocery store was agonizing.
After just two treatments of cryotherapy I was feeling relief from the pain. After 5 treatments I was able to run (yes I said RUN) down the stairs and up! My hip and ankle pain are no longer, as is my full leg pain at night! I had not had a pain free day in the past 3 years until cryotherapy! I now can go and walk around a store for almost 2 hours before I need to sit down. To say it has changed my life for the better is an understatement! I now can put off my knee replacement surgery for a later date!!
Thanks Craig and Vanessa for always having a big smile and positive encouraging conversations while I go through the treatment.
You make it a wonderful experience!
Celeste Keyser
Mission Viejo, CA

Cryotherapy is amazing! I was reluctant at first, but Craig was very informative and a living testament to what he is offering. After my first experience I was sold. When I went in I wasn’t dealing with your regular soreness, I had just dropped a bar on my back. I had some deep pains and could barely turn my head. So once I came out of Cryotherapy, 80% of my pain was gone and I could turn my neck. Cryotherapy truly works and I recommend anyone whether you work out or not to try it!

Andrew Kong
Tustin, CA

My wife signed me up for three sessions – I’ve had a pain in my right hip for years and a mild form of neuropathy in my feet…my feet were numb and tingled (very little circulation).  I have been a football official for over 25 years and just assumed this was a result of years on the field.  After 2 cryotherapy treatments my hip pain is gone.  My feet – I haven’t felt circulation like I do now in years.  I feel toe movement.  I feel everything when I walk and put pressure on my feet.

Other things I’ve noticed – I feel more alert and stronger.  I bought a package too…. I’m one satisfied customer!  Thanks Cryo Crib!

Don R.
San Clemente, CA

I started using Cryotherapy at The Cryo Crib beginning of April.  I was excited to try it and kept track of any changes that occurred.  I started with three sessions.  I had a rash on my stomach for over a month from detoxing and was treating it with homeopathic remedies and it wasn’t going away.  One Cryo session and it was gone….

I’ve had other amazing results too – by session 3 it was detoxing me from the inside.  I got a calcium deposit on my left middle finger from detoxing – it’s now gone.  I’ve had digestive inflammation for over a year and nothing was working… my pain is gone and it has been cleaning me out in a good way!  I bought another package of 10!

My skin is amazingly softer now. … I’m hooked!!!  Craig and his staff are great!  THANK YOU CryoCrib!

Pam R.
San Clemente, CA

Full body cryotherapy is a life saver. I’ve been dealing with chronic shoulder pain for about 10 years now. About a 2 years ago I was able to start physical therapy for it. The therapy helped to outline the issues and start bringing back some minor movement that had been impeded. When my insurance ran out for the PT I was on my own again with the pain and mobility issues. After seeing cryotherapy on TV I found one near me. I was a bit hesitant but desperate for relief. Craig, the owner at Cryo Crib was awesome. He explained the ins and out of the process, even talked about how it would help in my particular nerve entrapment. Still skeptical I decided to give it a try. Sounds weird, but I could tell a difference after the first session. The pain caused by the inflammation started decreasing right away. That led to greater mobility as well. I’ve since been to about 10 sessions and I’m surprised and grateful for the amount of freedom and comfort I have now in my shoulder.

Flying a lot for work, crmmed on a plane is the worst place for my shoulder. Usually flights are agony. Yet, to my surprise, on a recent flight I actually had a moment where I realized in awe that I wasn’t fighting around with my shoulder trying to get in just ‘the right spot’ in hopes for a little comfort. My shoulder feels and moves better than it has in 10 years. I’m confident in cryotherapy and plan on continuing the healing process with Cryo Crib. Thanks, Craig!

David C.
Tustin, CA

“I’m a tax accountant. In the past 30+ tax seasons, I typically sit at my desk for so many hours at a time that my neck gets knotted up, my right arm is sore from using the keyboard and mouse, and lower back just gets tense. At the beginning of this season I purchased a 30 day CRYOCRIB package. Once I started, I noticed no more neck pain or any other areas. I slept more soundly and felt refreshed in the morning. I was so impressed that I began doing double sessions (with a 15 minute “defrost” in between) the results were fabulous. I lost 4 pounds in the first week alone and had little or no inflammation in usual areas of my body.

“My Lululemon® shorts started slipping off when running with my dog. I thought the shorts had

stretched out, so when I went to purchase new ones ended up with the next size smaller.”

Another interesting result was noticing that I had stretch marks where I hadn’t before, which could only mean I was shrinking, right? Have you ever lost weight and your skin looks like it’s hanging on your body? In my opinion along with the other noticeable CRYOCRIB benefits, the best outcome was that along with the reduction of weight and inches, my skin also tightened and reduced the appearance of cellulite! I’m done with my package and am anxious to start another 30 day.”

Marisa Alvarado
Irvine, CA