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According to Eastern Medicine, the human body is made up of a network of energy meridians. Energy flows through these meridians to maintain and manage the health of your body, and when this flow is blocked or impeded, optimal health is compromised.

In the same way that Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) stimulates a massive flow of blood between the exterior and interior of the body, WBC also stimulates a massive flow of energy between the interior and exterior parts of the body. This strong surge of energy improves flow through the meridians where disruptions may have been present in the same way that a intense blast of water would break through and restore better flow in a partially blocked pipe.

Once better energy flow is established in the meridians, the aging process slows down, healing functions are improved, and degeneration occurs at a slower rate.

The information on this website has not be approved or reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Whole Body Cryotherapy, is not an approved medical treatment and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It is simply an alternative modality that we believe helps the body restore and rejuvenate itself. Many of the articles on this website are based on experts' opinions of how Whole Body Cryotherapy works based on anecdotal results and established research.