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The human body’s Nervous System is an incredible communication system that assesses the body’s specific conditions, deficiencies, and immediate needs in order to determine how to restore itself and remain viable.

It is theorized based on documented results that the “emergency survival mode” induced by Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) causes the brain to immediately survey all parts of the body and create an up-to-date picture of the body’s current state of health. By doing so, it can theoretically help the body re-assess its innate healing priorities and reallocate its resources to the areas that are in most dire need of those resources to ensure future survival.

The information on this website has not be approved or reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Whole Body Cryotherapy, is not an approved medical treatment and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It is simply an alternative modality that we believe helps the body restore and rejuvenate itself. Many of the articles on this website are based on experts' opinions of how Whole Body Cryotherapy works based on anecdotal results and established research.