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Our Relaxation and Rejuvenation Room offers 6 other treatment options to help get your body in peak condition!

  • BEMER Vascular Therapy (8 Min Session)
  • Massage Chair (10 Min Session)
  • Compression Therapy (10 Min Session)
  • Whole Body Vibration (10 Min Session)
  • Spot Cryotherapy (Self-use 10 Min Session)
  • Percussion Massager (Self-use 10 Min Session)

See below for details on each modality.

Normally $10 CASH per session (or $12 on card). 
During Happy Hours, you can choose 2 options for $10 CASH! (or $12 on card)


BEMER is the most powerful modality we have in the R&R Room. It uses gentle Pulse Electro-Magnetic Fields to dramatically increase micro-circulation in the body thereby getting fresh, oxygenated blood to areas of the body that may NOT be receiving good blood flow due to injury, poor diet or general aging. By increasing blood flow throughout the body, BEMER simply helps the body heal itself more effectively.

BEMER effectively optimizes micro-circulation in under eight minutes, with no known side effects – it is perfectly safe for people of all ages.

Normally $10 for 8 min



Our LUXURY Massage Chair is AMAZING! When you choose this option, you will receive 10 minutes of pure bliss and relaxation! Check out the awesome features this chair has to offer!

  • Zero Gravity – 2 zero gravity positions to encourage a “weightless” position. Ideal for low back pain sufferers, the zero gravity function mimics the optimal position as determined by NASA’s space program. Optimal weight distribution removes excessive pressure from any one part of your spine.
  • Inversion Therapy – A full recline of the chair, accompanied by the zero gravity seat positioning, produces an inversion effect to the spine.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers – While most massage chairs have airbag compression of the feet and calves, the IT-8500 massage chair has 3 mechanical foot rollers that work the sole of each of your feet. Very soothing!!
  • Foot and Calf Airbags – Airbag compression to enhance circulation of the blood and lymph from the legs to the heart.
  • Spinal Correction – Shoulder airbags that compress the front of the shoulders and pin them back, while the rollers move up and down the spine. This feature will leave you feeling like you are standing taller and straighter.
  • Seat Airbag Massage and Sway – The IT-8500 massage chair employs seat airbags that move the seat from side to side and up and down, enhancing passive motion to an area of the body that is very hard to reach without the assistance of an actual therapist. Fantastic feature if you have low back pain.
  • Air Neck Massage – A gently rotating airbag massage relaxes the neck muscles and lulls you to sleep while the chair weaves it’s magic.
  • Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage – A full complement of shoulder airbags that will envelope your whole shoulder joint and give it the attention that is lacking in other massage chairs.
  • Tru-Grip V Stretch – Airbags will grip your shoulders, arms, and lower body while the chair back and ottoman raise and lower…giving you a stretch you will both love and never forget.
  • Lumbar Heat – The thickness of the body tissues in the low back makes warming up a hard thing to do. A lumbar heating element will assist in that process so that blood flows to those thick tissues a little quicker.
  • Acuroll Neck & Shoulder Massage – This model utilizes 5 sensors to help assess and then provide the most accurate neck and shoulder massage.

Normally $10 for 10 min.


Our Rapid Reboot Compression uses pneumatic air compression to pressurize different chambers in their “boots” at different intervals over multiple cycles. The pressurized compartments in the boots squeeze your legs, arms or hips, mobilizing fluids and speeding up your body’s natural process of filtering lactic acid, metabolites, and other debris that build up after exercise-induced trauma out of your blood.

Below is a list of people who would benefit from Compression Therapy:

  • Any athlete who uses his/her legs: runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, weightlifters, crossfitters, obstacle course racers, mma athletes, team sports athletes (football/basketball/baseball/soccer/volleyball/hockey), etc.
  • Anyone who works on his/her feet all day, because gravity causes poor circulation in your legs when you are standing all day…. nurses, doctors, construction, and numerous other professions will benefit.
  • Anyone who battles poor circulation would benefit: diabetes, varicose, peripheral artery disease, and just about any circulation disease with the exception of deep vein thrombosis (contraindicated).
  • Anyone who enjoys a relaxing massage! You just need to try it to believe how relaxing it is!

Learn More about Compression Therapy

Normally $10 for 10 min.


Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is an effective tool for any fitness enthusiast looking for faster recovery, greater mobility or improved strength and balance. You simply stand (or sit) on a plate that vibrates at up to 50 cycles/sec, and you will feel the effects almost immediately!

The benefits of WBV include:

  • Improved Circulation and Body Oxygenation
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improve Balance
  • Relax Muscles
  • Improve Bone Density
  • Improve Fat Metabolism
  • Improve Appearance of Cellulite
  • Reduce Stress

View Article on Benefits of WBV

Normally $10 for 10 min.


With Spot Cryotherapy, you are able to blow -20F air onto a local area of the body to help reduce inflammation in that area. It is most effective when used in combination with Whole Body Cryotherapy. Our spot cryo machine has the ability to get areas much colder than ice packs, so it has a greater impact on inflammation.

This is a SELF-SERVE service. You will have full control of the areas you want to chill.

Most common areas treated with Spot Cryo:

  • Ankles/Feet
  • Knees
  • Any injured muscle
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrists/Hands/Fingers

Normally $10 for 10 min


Use our percussion massager on a tight muscle for just a minute and you will feel a HUGE difference! 

  • Reduce Discomfort caused by Muscle Tension or Imbalance
  • Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Improve Blood Flow to Muscles and Tendons
  • Reduce Muscle Recovery Time
  • Improve Athletic Performance

This is a SELF-SERVE service. You must use the massager on yourself (or bring someone to do it to you if necessary)

Normally $10 for 10 min.