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Why we are so excited about BEMER and you should be too!

Blood circulation is one of the most important functions in the human body. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to every cell, tissue and organ. It serves as the transport system for our immune system and hormones. It is also responsible for removing toxins and carbon dioxide from our bodies. It’s what makes our bodies work and it’s what keeps our cells healthy.

Compromised blood circulation over time is perhaps the leading contributor to aging and degenerative health issues. Just imagine what would happen if you could improve blood circulation immediately and even SLOW the reduction of blood circulation over time in our bodies. Doesn’t this sound like the fountain of youth?… We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

In my opinion, BEMER is the most promising anti-aging /
performance enhancing / degenerative health fighting device
I have ever instigated – and I have investigated many. The
potential benefits are far-reaching and profound, and I believe
that every family would benefit greatly from this device and
dramatically reduce future medical care costs.

Craig Inaba – Cryo Crib Owner

What is BEMER Technology?

BEMER is a Physical Vascular Therapy device that uses a patented Pulse Electromagnetic Field Signal to promote blood flow throughout the body – most importantly at the micro-circulation level which is where 74% of circulation takes place and where compromised blood flow has the most dramatic affect on cell health.

BEMER sessions are 8 minutes long and are comprised of simply sitting in a reclining chair that holds a BEMER mat. There is no discomfort during a session and most people find sessions to be very relaxing.

BEMER technology originated in Germany. It is backed by multiple International patents. It is an approved medical device in several countries in Asia and South America. It is currently being used in thousands of hospitals, medical facilities and spas throughout Europe and is being used by millions of people Worldwide.


What happens when Blood Circulation is Improved?

  • Improved Healing and Recovery Times
  • Improved Energy and Endurance
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improved Organ and Digestive Function
  • Reduced Cardiovascular Stress
  • More Efficient Waste Removal from the Body
  • Reduced Tissue Acidity


Who can benefit most from BEMER?

  • Anyone who wants to feel more youthful and vibrant
  • Anyone with degenerative health concerns
  • Anyone who feels their body is not functioning optimally
  • Athletes who want to perform better and recover faster


Does BEMER treat or cure any diseases?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. BEMER is not a medical device and does not cure, treat or prevent and diseases.

BEMER simply helps to improve blood flow, which in turn helps the body function at a higher level where it is better prepared and able to do what it is designed to do…. heal itself.


How Does BEMER Compare to Cryo?

Here are some conclusions we have drawn from our experience with both modalities:

  • Generally speaking, people notice results faster from Cryo than BEMER
  • BEMER benefits are MUCH MORE far reaching than Cryo
  • With consistent use BEMER can have a GREATER impact on athletic performance than Cryo
  • Cryo seems to impact inflammation faster than BEMER, but both seem to have equally positive impacts
  • BEMER has been able to help some people where Cryo has failed
  • BEMER is a more powerful detoxifier than Cryo
  • No one is afraid of BEMER sessions – so all the people you care about who didn’t want to come for Cryo can now come for BEMER.



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